Niconico had played a fundamental role in the recognition and popularity of the vocaloid software "Hatsune Miku" which is now a major content on Niconico and elsewhere.

Besides Cho Kabuki and Vocaloid DJ Show, folks can also enjoy shopping Hatsune Miku related merchandises at various booths inside the venue.

Gatebox X Virtual Characters

The super-sized version of the virtual home assistant robot Gatebox will be displayed at the booth - visitors can take commemorative photos with anime characters.

Virtual YouTu”BAR”

Virtual YouTu”BAR” booth is a bar where popular Virtual Youtubers play a role as bartenders - lucky winners of the lottery will get a chance to meet them and enjoy small talks.

Guests include Mirai Akari, Mito Tsukino, Virtual Noja Loli Kitsunemusume Youtuber Ojisan, Baacharu and Hime Tanaka.

Lottery Ticket Distribution Time
DAY 1 & 2 : 10:00~11:00
*Alcoholic beverages are not available.

Niconico Live Streaming Shows
⇒Check out the booth from the link below!

Virtual Cast (β)

At the Virtual Cast (β) demolition booth, visitors can become virtual characters and enjoy real-time communication with others in a VR studio.