What is Niconico Chokaigi?

What is Niconico Chokaigi

About Niconico Chokaigi

Niconico Chokaigi is a unique festival organized by Japan’s largest video social website “Niconico” – its concept is to recreate Niconico’s virtual world in real life. This event offers a wide variety of contents from Niconico, such as Game, Anime, Vocaloid, Dance, Cosplay, Kabuki, Railway, Politics, Technology, Cooking, Sports and more!
What sets Chokaigi apart from other events is that these attractions are participatory – visitors are not just spectators but can literally take part in the attraction. Chokaigi is the melting pot of Japan’s internet culture, where people of all ages can get together in real life and enjoy face-to-face communication.

About Niconico

Niconico is a UGC video sharing/live-streaming service built primarily for users in Japan. One of its unique characteristic is the function that enables viewers to post comments on-screen over a video – those who uploaded the video and its viewers can converse with each other. This function has helped create many of Japan’s unique internet cultures we have today.
Niconico’s service began in 2006 and currently has over 62 million registered users including 2.5 million paying members.